Odkryj swojego dajmona - test

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Re: Odkryj swojego dajmona - test

#61 Post autor: mg07 » poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017, 00:52

SEI-Fe so/sx

Jedna gamma kwadry nie czyni.
Gdzie Si-egowców sześć, tam zawsze jest co jeść.

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Re: Odkryj swojego dajmona - test

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Ciekawe, czy mi się zmienił :.
Quiet Loner Soul
You are a quiet, solitary kind of person. You
probably rely on your few close friends or
family members to get you out of the house
occasionally, or you would probably forget
to leave. You don't like big crowds of people,
or being in new social situations, because
they make you feel uncomfortable and you
get tired very quickly. You need to spend
some time alone in front of a computer,
book, or television to recharge after
expending all of that social effort! You have
a lot of personal projects that you like to
spend time working on.
You don't spend much time talking about
yourself or your emotions. Your close
friends and family probably have to try and
remember to ask you directly about your
feelings, and even then you probably just
smile or shrug a lot of the time. People who
don't know you well probably forget that
you even have emotions at all, because you
never get angry or upset. Really, though, you
just don't think of your emotions as being
important. It doesn't even occur to you to
call someone and complain about your day,
or to retaliate when someone insults you.
You march to the beat of your own drum,
and you don't really care that much when
other people think. You are calm and logical
in nature, and reacting emotionally to things
simply doesn't come naturally to you.
Perhaps you have been hurt or embarrassed
in the past, which makes you afraid to share
your feelings. Or maybe you are just
naturally that way.
At the same time, you are not uncaring, and
you are aware of the feelings of other
people around you. When a close friend or a
family member is going through a rough
time, you are sympathetic and probably
wish you knew how to make it better.
Your daemon's form would reflect your
solitary, calm, logical nature, but would not
be aggressive or intimidating in appearance.
He or she would probably spend time
talking to you constructively about how to
solve problems, or simply watching over
your shoulder while you indulge in your
Suggested form: Lizard, Gecko, Manatee,
Tree Kangaroo, Grass Snake.
You scored -16% on
Extroversion, higher than 5%
of your peers.
You scored 5% on Sensitivity,
higher than 74% of your
You scored -22% on
Openness, higher than 2% of
your peers.